Château Palmer and jazz

A common philosophy

Like Château Palmer, jazz has deep roots, with a long history that has
undergone many influences and inspirations and, while traditional, is always
open to innovation. This respect for tradition is constantly enhanced by
expanding its limits - while remaining faithful to its roots.

Jazz is a blend of tradition and innovation, memory and improvisation,
listening and dialogue. Wine is the same, combining terroir, climate,
grape varieties, science, and technology. However, creating fine wine
also takes inspiration, good taste, expertise, and an excellent memory
that ties everything together. That is how great wines are made.
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Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Hear Palmer 2014

On the occasion of the 6th edition of Hear Palmer,
Château Palmer will welcome the Big Band of the artist Dal Sasso
on 27th March 2015

Fourteen artists will give a unique jazz concert at the property,
in the main cellar, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Château
and to look back at a key period in its history: the acquisition of
the estate by General Charles Palmer. It will be an event in which
Jazz music transports us from 1814 to the present day,
while also unveiling the new 2014 vintage.

The event will continue the next day, Saturday 28th March 2015
at Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, with the performance of
John Coltrane's masterpiece A Love Suprem by the Dal Sasso Big Band.

The concert will be available for listening on April 7.

2013, a terroir vintage

As the silence reigned in the dormant vineyard, the notes we heard
were those, more monotone, of the rain falling on the roof of the château
and the hamlet’s buildings.
In town, people were singing the blues and it could have been the same
in the vineyard if… if we didn’t have a “band” of courageous vignerons
dedicated to the vineyard. Under the direction of Thomas Duroux,
the “Palmer ensemble” was on high alert for the threat of coulure and mildew.
Fortunately, our gravelly terroir lived up to its reputation and provided
excellent drainage for the soil. Bordeaux’s climate worked its own magic:
warm, beautiful days punctuated the unpredictable spring.
July – whew! Everyone was singing the same song: Sun at last!
Even the vines were humming a happy tune. Finally this superb month of
July made the vintage, proving wrong the old French saying of
“août fait le goût”.
We had planned to harvest in early October when nature imposed yet
another change in rhythm. In mid-September the rain returned. It was a race
against the clock to harvest the grapes before any alterations began.
Harvest began on September 27, what swing!
To respect the hard-won ripeness of our grapes, we proceeded carefully
in the winery. Finally the artists were ready to take the stage.
Only two composed Château Palmer: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
For Alter Ego, a trio was formed with the addition of Petit Verdot.
What vibrations for 2013? The wines are light and tender like a Smooth
Jazz melody…

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Daniel Humair

The leader on percussion

A percussionist of Swiss origin. He is one of the most important
and distinguished in Europe.  A left-handed drummer,
he composes and improvises easily, cultivating his elegant
and powerful style.

Danilo Rea

Elegance on the piano

An Italian pianist. He charms with his unique personality.
An improviser with a pronounced melodic sensibility,
he is certainly the pianist who has influenced the Italian
Jazz scene the most over the past decade.

Jérôme Regard

An eclectic bass player

Both a double bass player and bass guitarist,
Jerome Regard is a valued and sought-after sideman. 
In concert or in recordings, his bass has resonated
in different musical groups.

Emile Parisien

An expressionist on the saxophone

Born of Cahors terroir, his style is a very personal
and resolutely modern expression of Jazz,
where improvisation prevails.

The 2013 vintage interpreted by
the Daniel Humair Quartet

Château Palmer, March 28, 2014

The 2013 vintage interpreted by
the Daniel Humair Quartet

Château Palmer, March 28, 2014

2012, a score in three movements

A spring with a bluesy tune… facing abundant rainfall
and persistent coolness, the vine takes its time to show
its first buds – and we understand. All the better to avoid
the threat of diseases favored by the ambient humidity.

Thankfully the tempo radically changes at the end of July;
the summer is groovy! Sunshine, heat and even a little
drought finally give the vintage its chance. Late it is,
late it remains.
Veraison begins only at the end of July. In August the vine
has resolutely set to work. All its energy is concentrated
on one mission: developing berries with the most beautiful
set of notes. The atmosphere relaxes in the Château:
we breathe and play again with pleasure.

The rhythm changes again in autumn. The humidity has returned
and harvest beats to the tune of a different drum.
Thomas Duroux, our bandleader, sets the note and the group
harmonizes: the entire harvest is picked in 15 consecutive days,
unfortunately a low yield of only 28hl/ha, but thankfully sound.

The swing of the year is an unexpected balance, surprising.
The range combines exuberant and rich Merlots with linear and
precise Cabernet Sauvignons. This 2012 enters the Palmer playbook
as a new interpretation of the smoothness and elegance of our wines.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Lionel Belmondo

Prince of saxophone

A love of jazz has animated Lionel Belmondo since his childhood
in Provence. Trained alongside his brother by their father,
then director of the Souliès-Toucas music school, Lionel shows
himself to have an aptitude for precision, passion and incessant
creativity. Adopting the soprano saxophone, Lionel forms
the Quintet Belmondo with his brother and records their first
album in 1993. Lionel Belmondo never stops. Will he set down
his sax to taste Château Palmer?

Sylvain Romano

Bassist in good company

This bassist from Marseille has all the diplomas and
medals needed, for both classical and jazz double bass,
from the Marseille Conservatory to the Ateliers de jazz
at the Cité de la Musique, which give him complete liberty
to play the jazz that he loves, with great people.
The Belmondo brothers include him in most of their numerous
and various projects.

Jean-Pierre Arnaud

Powerful drummer

Jean-Pierre Arnaud studied classical percussion at the Marseille
Conservatory between 1977 and 1980. His father's jazz club
becomes his own personal classroom where he comes in contact
with all the greats, Kenny Clarke, Max Roach, Art Blakey …
A jazzman’s dream. With the Belmondo brothers, he records
Belmondo Quintet and For all friends.

The 2012 vintage interpreted by
L. Belmondo, S. Romano et J.P. Arnaud

Château Palmer, April 5, 2013

The 2012 vintage interpreted by
L. Belmondo, S. Romano
et J.P. Arnaud

Château Palmer, le 5 avril 2013

Download tracks from the 2012 vintage

Palmer Suite

Interpreted by L. Belmondo, S. Romano et J.P. Arnaud


Palmer Suite
La Chevalière

Interpreted by L. Belmondo, S. Romano et J.P. Arnaud


The smallest yield since the legendary 1961

The 2011 vintage by Château Palmer

It took all the talent of our winemakers to create harmony
despite disconcerting – not to say discordant – weather...
The growing season started off with an exceptionally hot
and dry spring that seemed like an early summer.
Bud break and flowering took place with an enormous head-start.
June weather led to a great deal off worry: a hail storm and a short,
but intense heat wave led to significant crop loss.
This very mixed weather nevertheless provided the necessary
water to the vines. And there was a beautiful Indian summer
during the harvest.
After two years that combined quality and quantity, 2011 produced
very small yields, comparable to 1961.
Over the past few months, the task of creating the wines has
taken place behind the scenes, putting to music the notes
that Nature has given us, the unique tones and harmonies that
She has created. Listening to our vines and to our terroir,
we have composed the blend of this new vintage.
Like so many different instruments, they create a nervous melody,
tense and complex. 2011 returns to a more classical rhythm.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Giovanni Mirabassi

The free spirit of the piano

Giovanni Mirabassi started to play the piano at the age of two, at his parents' house in Perugia. “But I only took my first five first lessons at the age of sixteen, and my last five at the age of twenty-two”. Giovanni Mirabassi is a free spirit always ready to discover even the most esoteric aspects of jazz - and with what brilliance, what sparkle, what self-sacrifice, what liberty!

Flavio Boltro

A gifted trumpetist

Flavio Boltro. His instrument? The trumpet. This discreet and gifted musician is brilliant and voluble. He is one of the most influential soloists in Europe. His outstanding techniques and mastery of harmony are as expressive when he is a leader as when he is a sideman. He composes original music that is always energetic and displays multiple influences.

Glenn Ferris

Trombone Attitude

Glenn Ferris has been an iconic trombone player since the 1960s. Brought up in Hollywood in a family of musicians, he attended a concert of the Los Angeles Philarmonic and fell in love with the trombone. He has proved to be a brilliant performer on this instrument during a long career during which he played alongside the masters: Don Ellis, Frank Zappa, and his legendary Grand Wazoo Big Band.
Official websites of the artists : -

The 2011 vintage interpreted by
G. Mirabassi, F. Boltro et G. Ferris,

Château Palmer, Mars 23, 2012

The 2011 vintage interpreted by
G. Mirabassi, F. Boltro et G. Ferris

Château Palmer, Mars 23, 2012

Download tracks from the 2011 vintage

Château Palmer

G. Mirabassi, F. Boltro et G. Ferris interprets Château Palmer 2011


Alter Ego

G. Mirabassi, F. Boltro et G. Ferris interprets Alter Ego 2011


A vintage with an extremely
solid foundation

The 2010 vintage by Château Palmer

After 1982 and 1983, 1989 and 1990, 1995 and 1996, 2009 and 2010
were great back-to-back vintages! What a delightful challenge to taste
them and try to decide which is better… Of course, there will always
be people who will champion one over the other!

Thanks to the beautiful weather throughout the growing season –
except for a few incidents in June – especially at the height of
summer, the marvellous potential of the 2010 vintage is more
obvious with each passing month. The water stress led to a
concentration of phenolic compounds greater than in 2009.
Furthermore, excellent acidity added a very welcome counterpoint,
giving the 2010 vintage much appreciated freshness and confirming
its ageing potential.
Thanks to ideal weather during the harvest, we could take our time,
picking in adagio mode to let the grapes reach optimum ripeness.

Epitomising the Palmer style, the 2010 vintage plays the same
refrain as the 2009: power, concentration, and balance – soft-pedalled,
under control, well-tamed power, accompanied by a delicate side
that is sure to blossom over time.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Michel Portal

The Music man

It would be incorrect to describe clarinettist Michel Portal
as a jazzman: he is a "music man". If he has won all
the prizes and is famous worldwide, it is because
he is a magnificent musician, inspired and expressive.
He excels in every style: as a classical soloist or in a
chamber orchestra; as a key figure in contemporary music;
and in jazz, where he plays with the greats.
He is also always keen on new experiences, provided
they are very high-level.

Yaron Herman

A dazzling carreer

He was relatively unknown just 5 years ago, but today
he is considered one of the best pianists in the new generation,
acclaimed by both audiences and the media, not only in Europe,
but also in Asia and the United States. The rapid success of
his career has confirmed that he is certainly an amazing,
unique phenomenon in the history of the piano.
Official websites of the artists : -

The 2010 vintage interpreted by
Michel Portal and Yaron Herman

Château Palmer, March 25, 2011

The 2010 vintage interpreted by Michel Portal and Yaron Herman

Château Palmer, March 25, 2011

Download tracks from the 2010 vintage

Château Palmer

Michel Portal interprets Château Palmer 2010


Alter Ego

Yaron Herman interprets Alter Ego 2010


Power and sensuality

The 2009 vintage by Château Palmer

In 2009, nature played the music with panache!
And there were no – or hardly any - false notes from the weather…
Flowering, véraison (colour change) and ripening all happened
so perfectly that, with each passing month, what had been
only a hope in spring was transformed into a wonderful certainty
by autumn. Nature had given birth to a masterpiece. It was up
to the winemaking team to make the most of it.
The tempo picked up at the equinox in September and it was
soon time to start picking during a beautiful Indian Summer.
The first notes were heard from the Merlot grapes.
These were in excellent condition, ripe, and concentrated.
They defined the theme to which Cabernet Sauvignon and
then Petit Verdot added harmonious chords.

If 2009 were a jazz concert, one would say that it had achieved
swing rythme – that mysterious and fascinating moment of grace
or inspiration that imbues musicians with the urge to create a
brilliant improvisation.
This vintage proved to be a legend from the very first tasting.
Deep, intense, and complex, its music pulsates with power and
sensuality. It has a great future ahead of it - there can be no
doubt that 2009 has great ageing potential.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Please consume and enjoy with moderation.

Jacky Terrasson

The pianist of happiness

Born in 1965 in Berlin to a French father and an American mother,
and discovered in France alongside Barney Wilen in the 1980s,
pianist Jacky Terasson's reputation grew when he went to
New York in 1990 and made a name for himself on the
American music scene. At that time he accompanied the famous
Betty Carter, among other singers. However, it was the trio
he formed with bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Leon Parker
that revealed him as a rising star of piano jazz, to which he gave
a very percussive slant, full of dynamic contrasts, comparable
to his elder, Ahmad Jamal.

Since his sensational arrival on the jazz scene in 1993 with
the prestigious Thelonious Monk prize, the extraordinary pianist
Jacky Terrasson has always recorded complex, refined music
with a remarkable freedom of spirit.

All of Jacky Terrasson's discs have followed a certain logic
and each new release was always announced on the
previous disc, revealing this musician's extraordinary
consistency and mastery!
Official website of the artist :

The 2009 vintage interpreted by
Jacky Terrasson

Château Palmer, March 23, 2010

The 2009 vintage, interpreted
by Jacky Terrasson

interpreted by Jacky Terrasson Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing, May 25, 2012

The 2009 vintage, interpreted by Jacky Terrasson

Château Palmer, March 23, 2010

Download tracks from the 2009 vintage

Château Palmer

Jacky terrasson interprets Château Palmer 2009


Alter Ego

Jacky terrasson interprets Alter Ego 2009

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